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Overview of Microsoft Exams

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Microsoft Exams offer a comprehensive view of the technology and business solutions found in Microsoft products. The exams cover topics from basic features of Windows 8.1 to advanced Azure cloud solutions. With more than 1,200 questions, each exam is designed to challenge your knowledge and prepare you for the real-world scenarios you’ll face when using Microsoft technologies.

The Microsoft exams are available in multiple formats, including online, paper, and hybrid versions. You can select the format that best meets your learning needs and preferences. The online exams are self-paced and available at any time.

Microsoft Exams

The paper exams are delivered to you as a printable PDF file approximately two weeks after the exam’s release date. The hybrid exam format combines both online and paper delivery options. When selecting an exam, consider your learning style and what type of preparation you need for the Microsoft exams.

If you’re new to Microsoft products or want to refresh your knowledge, take the online exams. If you have previous experience with Microsoft products or want to study in more depth, select the paper exams.

Exam CodeExam Name
AZ-104Microsoft Azure Administrator
AZ-204Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
AZ-305Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
AZ-400Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions
DP-100Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure
DP-203Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure
MS-100Microsoft 365 Identity and Services
MS-101Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security
MS-500Microsoft 365 Security Administration
PL-100Microsoft Power Platform App Maker
PL-200Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant
PL-300Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst
PL-400Microsoft Power Platform Developer
SC-200Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
SC-300Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator
SC-400Microsoft Information Protection Administrator
MB-210Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
MB-220Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
MB-230Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service
MB-240Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service
MB-300Microsoft Dynamics 365: Core Finance and Operations
MB-310Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance
MB-320Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing
MB-330Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
AI-102Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution
AI-900Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
DP-900Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals
AZ-900Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
SC-900Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals
MS-900Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

Types of Microsoft Exams

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Microsoft exams are available in a variety of formats, each with its own set of objectives and requirements. Each type of exam has its own set of study materials, which can help you prepare for the exam. There are three types of Microsoft exams:

  1. Desktop Certification exams are designed to assess your skills related to working with Windows desktop features.
  2. Server Certification exams assess your skills related to administering and managing Microsoft Server products.
  3. Exam 70-347: Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect (SA) is a certification exam that is aimed at architects who design and deploy cloud-based solutions using Microsoft Azure technology.

Key Points of The Exam

  1. The Microsoft exam is a certification exam that proves your competence in using Microsoft products.
  2. A valid Microsoft exam certificate must be presented to gain entrance into certain Microsoft-sponsored training and employment opportunities.
  3. Microsoft exam is a vendor-neutral certification, which means that it can be used to prove competence in using any Microsoft product or service.
  4. There are currently three types of the Microsoft exam: the 70-740, the 70-741, and the 70-742.
  5. The 70-740 exam is designed for individuals who want to certify their skills in working with Windows Server 2016, Windows 10, Lync 2013, Exchange Server 2016, and System Center 2016.
  6. The 70-741 exam is designed for individuals who want to certify their skills in working with Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, System Center 2016, and Azure Active Directory Premium.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Microsoft Exams?

Microsoft exams are a great way to improve your skills and knowledge of Microsoft software. They can help you qualify for jobs, advance your career, and learn new information.

They include questions on the basics of using programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft exams also test your understanding of how Microsoft Office works together, so you can use it more effectively. There are several benefits to taking Microsoft exams.

First, they can help you qualify for jobs or advancement in your career. Second, they can give you a better understanding of how Microsoft software works and how to use it more effectively. Third, taking Microsoft exams can help you learn new information about Microsoft programs and technologies.

Fourth, exam preparation can be fun – if you study the right way! fifth, success on a Microsoft exam is an excellent way to build self-confidence and pride in your abilities. Finally, passing a Microsoft exam can open doors for you that would otherwise be closed – so studying for an exam is worth the effort!

How Much Does It Cost To Take Microsoft Exams?

The cost of Microsoft exams varies depending on the edition and the location. The Standard, Premium, and Professional versions all have different costs. For example, the Standard version costs USD 219, while the Premium costs USD 349. Additionally, the exams are also available in multiple languages. The English language exams cost USD 219 each. Other languages include

  • Spanish (costs USD 249)
  • German (costs USD 269)
  • Japanese (costs USD 299)
  • And Chinese (costs USD 319)

Qualification Criteria

To be eligible for the Microsoft exams, you must have met the following qualification criteria:

1. You must be a registered student with an accredited college or university.

2. You must have earned a degree from an accredited college or university in one of the following areas: information technology, business administration, computer science, engineering, mathematics, or a related field.

3. You must have received at least 60 credits from an accredited college or university. Credits can include coursework, lab work, and professional experience.

4. You must have passed the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification exam in your area of expertise. The MCP certification exam is available online and offers practice questions to prepare you for the actual exams.

How To Prepare For A Microsoft Exam?

If you’re preparing for a Microsoft exam, there are a few things you need to do.

  • First, make sure you have all the materials you need. This includes the exam guide, the software you’ll be using for the exam, and any supplements you may need.
  • Second, study the materials carefully. The more familiar you are with the content, the better prepared you’ll be when it comes to taking the exam.
  • Finally, practice regularly. The more time you spend practicing, the better your chances of success on the test.

Tips To Help You Succeed On The Exam

1. Make A Study Plan. Creating a study plan can help you focus your efforts and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the exam material. Prioritize the topics you want to cover and identify the resources you will need to learn more about them.

2. Use Practice Exams. Taking practice exams can help you better understand the exam format and better prepare for questions that may be on the actual test. The Microsoft Exam Simulator is a useful tool for preparing for the exam.

3. Review The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The Microsoft Exam FAQs provide detailed information on topics such as how to schedule and manage your time, how to handle technical issues, and how to deal with difficult questions.

Microsoft Exams

Career Opportunity For The Microsoft Certified?

Microsoft certification is a great career opportunity for individuals who want to work in the technology industry. Certification can give you a competitive edge when looking for employment, and can also lead to promotions within your company.

Certification can also be a valuable asset when searching for a new job. To become certified, you will need to take one of the Microsoft exams. There are a variety of exams available, and each offers a different way to learn about Microsoft technologies.

The exams are challenging, but if you pass them, you will be well on your way to becoming certified in Microsoft technologies. There are a variety of exams available, and the sooner you begin preparing, the better chance you have of success.


Microsoft exams are difficult and time-consuming. However, with the right preparation, you can ace them and achieve your goals. In this article, we’ll outline the steps you need to take to ensure that you’re ready for your Microsoft exam. We’ll also provide tips on how to study for these exams and tips on how to avoid common mistakes that students make when studying for Microsoft exams.

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  2. The Microsoft Learning community is a great resource for exam prep. Connecting with other professionals studying for the same exam was incredibly helpful.

  3. Microsoft offers a variety of exam formats to cater to different learning styles. This flexibility made the preparation process much more engaging for me.

  4. I particularly appreciate the role-based approach of Microsoft exams. They test the skills you actually need to perform specific job functions.

  5. The constant evolution of Microsoft exams ensures they stay relevant to the latest industry trends and technologies. It’s a great way to keep your skills sharp.

  6. Microsoft certifications hold significant weight in the IT industry. Having them on my resume has definitely helped me stand out from the competition.

  7. The Microsoft exam platform is user-friendly and reliable. I felt confident taking the exam online, knowing the environment was secure and standardized.

  8. I found the Microsoft exam preparation process to be incredibly valuable. It forced me to deepen my understanding of the products and identify areas where I needed improvement.

  9. Microsoft exams are a fantastic way to validate my skills and knowledge in the latest Microsoft technologies. The study resources available are comprehensive, and the exams themselves are well-structured.

  10. Earning my Microsoft certification has opened doors for my career. The exams are challenging but fair, and the sense of accomplishment upon passing is incredible.

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