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Introduction Okta Exam

The Okta Exam study guide is meant to help you prepare for the Okta Certified Professional Hands-On Configuration Exam. It has a detailed list of the topics covered on the Professional Exam and a list of resources to help you study. To become an Okta Certified Professional, you have to pass this exam. It is also a requirement for those who want the Okta Administrator, Consultant, or Technical Architect certifications.

What Does “Okta Certified Professional” mean?

Okta Certified Professionals know the basics about securely managing identities. They have hands-on experience helping users of the Okta service with day-to-day operational tasks. Okta Certified Professionals are familiar with Okta’s technologies and processes for simple directory integration, Single Sign-On (SSO) federation, and application provisioning.

Okta Exam

Certifications for OKTA Workforce Identity

OKTA’s Workforce Identity Certifications come in two levels, such as:

Level 1: An OKTA Certified Professional

Okta Certified Professionals know how to manage identities and use mobility concepts securely. They have hands-on experience with doing the day-to-day operational tasks that help users of OKTA services.

These professionals also know how to use OKTA’s processes and technology for User Life Cycle Management’s single-sign-on federation, simple directory integration, and application provisioning.

Level 1: OKTA Certified Professional Has The Following Features:

  • An online test with an exam
  • There are two parts:
  • Part 1: 15 DOMC items.
  • Part 2: Four hands-on use scenarios that are based on performance
  • Total Time: 150 minutes (Part 1: 30 minutes & Part 2: 120 minutes).
  • Cost: $250
  • You must pass the OKTA Certified Professional Hands-on Configuration Exam to get this certification.

Level 2: An administrator Who Is Certified By OKTA Exam

OKTA Certified Administrators are the people who know how to manage OKTA services from a technical point of view. They know much about how OKTA’s supported SSO options, security policy frameworks, and mobile devices can be used in advanced User Lifecycle Management situations.

They also know that OKTA can help with on-premise and cloud access and advanced directory integration. Administrators use the OKTA Policy framework to control user access and learn how to map data transformations and identity attributions by fixing problems and using the Universal Directory.

Who Needs To Take The Okta Professional Exam?

Candidates for the Okta Certified Professional certification should take the Okta Certified Professional Hands-on Configuration Exam. These candidates should at least meet the following requirements:

  • One year of technical work experience in security and managing identities.
  • Work experience with the Okta service for three to six months.
  • Completion of the Okta Essentials Curriculum or similar training with a passing grade

Even though roles vary from company to company, most candidates who want to get the Okta Certified Professional certification help define secure identity strategies or help with the day-to-day operation and support of Okta instances. Candidates for this certification can be Okta Administrators, implementation consultants, identity leaders, project managers, business app owners, or help desk administrators.

What Exactly Does It Mean To Be An Okta Certified Administrator?

Okta Certified Administrators know how to manage the Okta service technically. They know much about how Okta enables advanced User Lifecycle Management scenarios with mobile devices, security policy frameworks, supported SSO options, and advanced directory integration for cloud and on-premises access. Administrators use the Okta Policy framework to control user access. They can also use Universal Directory to map identity attributes and data transformations and fix problems.

What Does “Okta Certified Consultant” Mean?

Okta Certified Consultants have the technical skills to set up the Okta service in many different ways. Our consultants have experience integrating common applications like Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Box, and Salesforce with Okta. They also have a lot of knowledge and experience with scoping and implementing complex Okta integrations with multi-forest and multi-domain environments, advanced single sign-on (SSO), and inbound federation with Okta. Consultants know how to use Okta APIs and set up custom configurations.

Who Can Take the Okta Consultant Exam?

People who already have the Okta Certified Administrator certification and are helping to set up Okta are the best candidates for the Okta Certified Consultant certification. Okta suggests that candidates who want to get the Okta Certified Consultant certification meet at least the following requirements:

  • More than five years of experience managing security for Identity and Access Management
  • One year of real-world experience putting Okta to use
  • Advanced Profile Sourcing Techniques and Inbound Federation: Using Okta as a Service Provider course or equivalent training must be completed successfully.
  • Hands-on experience implementing attribute-level sourcing across directory services and human resource systems as a source of truth for users, as well as experience moving user data and passwords from an existing source of truth into Okta.
  • Experience using different Okta tools (like SAML Wizard, Okta Radius Agent, and OIDC flows) for advanced SSO integrations, and
  • Experience with OAuth 2.0 roles and advanced server access management
  • Experience setting up custom configurations with Okta using different tools, such as Okta on-premises provisioning (OPP), custom email domain, sign-in screen, sign-in widget, custom vanity login UI, custom URL, MFA as a Service, on-premises MFA, SCIM App Wizard, but may need guidance troubleshooting custom configuration problems.
  • Experience with advanced Active Directory and LDAP configurations, Desktop SSO, verbose logging, and proxy settings
  • experience, giving Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) to companies with offices worldwide, but may need guidance troubleshooting multi-forest/multi-domain configuration problems.
  • Experience setting up inbound federation with Okta, but may need guidance to fix inbound federation problems.
  • Adaptive MFA, behavioral detection, pre-authentication sign-on, and ThreatInsights can be set up, but configuration documentation may be needed.
  • Understands device trust but may need guidance to fix common problems with Okta policy implementation.
  • Experience using Okta APIs in a non-production lab environment and familiarity with API collections.

What Exactly Does It Mean To Be An Okta Certified Developer?

Okta Certified Developers know how to use the Okta APIs and SDKs to build secure, seamless experiences. Okta Certified Developers have experience working with RESTful APIs and making web applications. They have a general understanding of authentication and authorization standards like OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth, as well as how Okta supports these standards for building authentication, flexible authorization, and role-based access control. Developers also have experience setting up authorization with API Access Management and implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) with OIDC. They understand Okta Lifecycle Management and administrative APIs well enough to use them.

People who meet at least the following requirements are the best candidates for the Okta Certified Developer certification:

  1. More than four years of experience developing software
  2. More than six months of hands-on experience with Okta putting in place custom identity solutions
  3. Experience with securing APIs with Okta API Access Management
  4. Experience making custom authorization servers, defining scopes and claims, and making policies and rules to secure APIs.
  5. Experience using Okta REST APIs and knowing how to pass the right API parameters in requests.
  6. Experience making client apps that authenticated users against Okta
  7. Having experience configuring OIDC and OAuth apps in Okta
  8. Using Okta Users and Groups APIs, learn how to assign and remove apps from users.
  9. Knowing how to check if a logged-in user’s session is valid
  10. Understanding of the design principles of Okta APIs, such as how to use pagination and filter query parameters on attributes
  11. Know how to find Okta API rate limits and work with them.
  12. Knowledge of where to find the most up-to-date Okta APIs documentation and resources
  13. Experience querying logs and events using Okta APIs
  14. Learn how to use Okta APIs to create, update, and delete users, groups, and apps.
  15. When using Okta REST APIs, sign-in widgets and SDKs are important.
  16. Understand the different OIDC and OAuth flows that Okta supports and know when to use them.
  17. Understanding the difference between an Org authorization server and a custom authorization server in the context of OIDC and OAuth
  18. Learn how API calls and responses are affected by an Okta policy and the rules that go with it.
  19. Knowledge of how to require Okta multifactor authentication for users in client apps
  20. Knowing how to read the most common Okta API error codes is important.
  21. Learn how to use rewrite URL, OIDC authorization, and the Legacy Sessions API to create Okta sessions for Single Sign-On.
  22. I have experience with customizing the Okta Sign-in Widget.
  23. From the Okta Sign-in Widget, you can learn how to do implicit and hybrid flows.
  24. Know how to use Okta APIs and SDKs to create sessions in Okta.
  25. Knowing how to set up trusted origins (CORS, Redirect) and understanding what happens when trusted origins are set up and users are redirected.

OKTA Exams Benefits:

Increase Your Return On Investment (ROI)

More benefits will come your way if your teams understand how Okta works better. The whole organization benefits when your teams have the knowledge they need to carry out your identity and security projects. Furthermore, they also win when you manage identity for partners or customers outside of your company.

With Okta certifications, your admins and developers can make implementations that work better, get adopted faster, and make users happier. Getting you more value faster.

Boost The Work Of Your Team.

More than 84% of Okta Certified Administrators and more than 85% of Okta Certified Professionals agree that their Okta certifications have made them more productive at work.

Moreover, more than 84% of Okta Certified Administrators use the skills they learned while studying for their certification more than once a day.

Guide Your Group Into The Future.

If your people are your most valuable asset (hint: they are! ), it makes sense to help them grow. When that investment strengthens your identity strategy and gives your teams more knowledge, skills, and job satisfaction, everyone wins.

As Okta keeps adding more features to our products, our certification program also changes to cover the new features and releases. Your team members must take maintenance exams daily to keep their Okta Certified credentials. This helps you ensure they are updated on Okta’s constantly growing capabilities.

Administrators And Developers Can Get Street Cred With Okta Exam.

With Okta certifications, great teams can do even more. They tell the difference between qualified admins and developers who are professionals and know a lot about modern concepts and implementations of identity and access management. All four Okta certifications were in the top 20 highest-paying certifications in the world.

Everyone Wins When Okta Certifications Are Used.

Okta certifications are the best way to ensure that your team uses Okta in the best way for your organization and gets the most out of it. They help ensure that things run smoothly, that workers are productive, that customers are happy, and that administrators and developers have long-term career benefits.

It is now easier than ever to get your team’s Okta certified. Candidates can prepare in various ways that fit their learning style and needs, such as through instructor-led virtual training classes, self-paced online courses, or free instructor-led virtual certification preparation webinars.

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Overview of the Okta Exam

The Okta Exam is a comprehensive assessment designed for individuals seeking to validate their proficiency in Okta’s identity and access management solutions. Covering a spectrum of topics, from user authentication to advanced access policies, this exam is crafted to ensure that certified individuals can adeptly navigate and optimize Okta’s functionalities.

What Sets Okta Exam Apart

Real-world Relevance

Unlike traditional exams that focus solely on theoretical knowledge, the Okta Exam is grounded in real-world applications. It assesses an individual’s ability to implement Okta solutions in practical scenarios, making it an invaluable measure of hands-on expertise.

Broad Scope

The Okta Exam doesn’t just scratch the surface; it delves deep into Okta’s multifaceted capabilities. From single sign-on (SSO) to adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), certified professionals emerge with a holistic understanding of Okta’s capabilities, ensuring they can tackle diverse identity challenges.

Industry Recognition

Achieving certification through the Okta Exam isn’t just a personal triumph; it’s a badge of honor in the eyes of the industry. Organizations worldwide recognize the Okta certification as a testament to an individual’s ability to secure and streamline identity management processes.

Okta Exam Structure

Multi-tiered Assessment

The Okta Exam isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. It comprises multiple tiers, allowing individuals to choose the certification level that aligns with their expertise. Whether you’re a novice exploring the fundamentals or an experienced professional aiming for mastery, there’s a tier for everyone.

Practical Scenarios

A standout feature of the Okta Exam is its incorporation of practical scenarios. Candidates aren’t just answering questions; they’re solving real-world challenges, demonstrating their capacity to apply Okta solutions in complex environments.

Benefits of Okta Certification

Career Advancement

Okta certification isn’t just a qualification; it’s a career catalyst. Certified professionals are sought after in the job market, with organizations recognizing the value they bring to the table in fortifying cybersecurity and streamlining user access.

Enhanced Skills

Through rigorous preparation for the Okta Exam, individuals enhance their skills in identity and access management. This translates to increased confidence in navigating Okta’s platform and implementing robust security measures.

Networking Opportunities

Joining the ranks of Okta-certified professionals opens the door to a vibrant community. Networking opportunities abound, providing a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and continuous learning.

Preparation for Success

Official Resources

Okta provides a wealth of official resources to aid in exam preparation. From documentation and tutorials to practice exams, candidates have access to tools that ensure they’re well-equipped for success.

Hands-on Practice

Theory meets practice in the world of Okta. Candidates are encouraged to engage in hands-on practice, gaining familiarity with Okta’s console and mastering the nuances of identity management.

Community Support

The Okta community is more than just a virtual space; it’s a support system. Aspirants can tap into the collective wisdom of experienced professionals, seeking advice and insights to navigate the intricacies of the Okta Exam.


The Okta Exam is not just a test; it’s a transformative journey. Aspiring and seasoned professionals alike can unlock new dimensions of success by mastering Okta’s identity and access management through this certification. Join the ranks of Okta-certified experts and become a driving force in shaping the future of secure and streamlined identity solutions.

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